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    I'm in the process of writing my movie. I invision having no "special effects" such as explsions... But I do want an applicatiojn that has a simple interface and a substantial amount of filters and capabilites.... I am extremely familiar with photoshop and find it to be a simple application... But when using after effects I feel lost... My question is, if you had a choice would you pick after effects, premiere or sony vegas. I've heard that after effects and premiere are supposed to be used together, but that's just what i've heard... If there are any other titles that you could recomend I would be more than thankful

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    I use Premiere and Pinnacle Studio 9 plus, which i find to be very easy to use and they have a good set of features. After Effects is basically a compositing program, so you wouldn't use it to edit a movie.

    Hope this helps.

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