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Thread: PC or Mac?

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    Default PC or Mac?

    Wanting people thoughts. Which is better for video editing? A PC or Mac. The industry everywhere uses Mac but really what difference is there? I am about to upgrade and don't know which way to walk. I don't use FCP just Adobe. Always preferred Adobe !

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    The facts
    • Macs are more expensive, but retain there value better
    • Macs tend to be rated at the top of "top 10" reviews
    • There's a wider choice with pcs in terms of configuration
    • PCs are generally easier to upgrade.

    I have a macbook pro and a Mac mini. Is a pc or mac better? They both let you edit. I chose a mac because of the high quality build, no other reason.

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    I've had both for many years and both will do the job equally well, subject to the software you're running.

    Pick the software platform you want to use the most and if it's only available on one or the other, pick that platform. If the software is dual platform (PC & Mac) then look at what else you want/need to do and what software you want to use to achieve it.

    The 'industry' doesn't just use Macs, they use Windows and Linux too, but maybe you haven't come across so many people in those companies, or they don't shout it from the roof tops. Many of the large animated films are created using tools on Linux that you and I simply couldn't afford, so we don't get to play with them anyway.

    FCPX vs Adobe? Who cares what other people think, use the one YOU like. I have both and happen to use FCPX much more than Premiere Pro, but again, it's personal choice and not a hard and fast rule.

    Check out what plugins you may want, what training may be available, decide if you want to buy perpetual license or if you like the rental model from Adobe with it's low cost of entry, remembering that if you ever stop subscribing you won't be able to get at old projects, which doesn't matter to many people.

    Don't follow the pack because you feel you want to 'belong' to one club or another, choose the one that suits you the most at any given point in time.

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    You will pay a massive premium for a Mac over the same spec PC & the new Mac Pro's apparently will not be supporting Windows 7 in Bootcamp so if you want to run any Windows only software on the new Mac you will need Windows 8, just something to bear in mind.

    Having used both I personally do not see any advantage that is worth the significant extra cost to buy a Mac, none whatsoever.

    My PC cost me all in all around £600 and can edit HD video without a problem. The same spec Mac new is around £1150, and that model doesn't even have a dedicated graphics card.

    Plus for my day job I run Solidworks 3D CAD and the Adobe Design suite, plus I also use it for music production. You do not need the very latest, fastest, most expensive computer to do all of this, its a myth.

    Macs are great dont get me wrong, they do look nice after all...

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    Oh, not this old chestnut again!

    Having used both over the years I prefer Mac. You'll find the saying "When you go Mac, you won't go back" is true with most serious users. Others will disagree ad infinitum.

    The bottom line is. Some people love Macs and won't change back to PCs others like PCs and would never go over to a Mac. It just causes forum arguments so, to stop this getting boring... I suggest bringing it to a halt here.

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    I agree that some people get very heated on this subject, however, I'm not one of them.

    I like Mac's and if money was no object, I'd probably buy one. But you cannot escape the fact that you will pay vastly, not slightly, more for a Mac than the equivalent spec PC and I am yet to hear/see any significant advantage that would give me a reason to pay the extra.

    Thats all Im saying, it seems a logical view to me. No one can dispute the cost differences, the figures are there for anyone to see.

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    The only thing that I don´t like on Macs is the way they (Apple) tend to determine what is good (or not) to me.... No space to change/evolve/implement configurations on them... Like the Ipads... I really like my Ipad, but I hate the way they limit my use by, for example, not adding any ports or other things that look so basic to me (extra slot for card memory!!!). Everything must go through the Itunes/desktop.... and you´re always limited in space (even if you spend a fortune to get the bigger ones). So I bought an android thing that is much faster, cheaper and independent to use, and where I can ad/change a 128G card and play everything I want, connect my camera via usb ports etc..

    To me, Mac is a social trend above all.... Like Canon, RED and other stuff that fall into the grace of becoming the "trend".... and are quite special on filling the posh area of our brains.

    No shame on admit that sometimes I get myself checking the super-duper Macs and their absurd price tags.... But then I remember that I lost all my MontBlanc pens and my Cartier wallet, so I can´t sign the check...

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonmin troll View Post
    But you cannot escape the fact that you will pay vastly, not slightly, more for a Mac than the equivalent spec PC
    If ALL you look at is the initial purchase price then you are correct, it's possible to build an equivalent spec PC much cheaper, assuming you have the time, skills and inclination, and bill your time at zero cost. It's also possible to buy off-the-shelf PCs cheaper too. What they typically lack is the same build quality.

    When I bought my 8 core MacPro the only 8 core PC around at the time was a Dell, which was actually several hundred MORE expensive than the MacPro I bought. The Dell PC today is worth less than the MacPro in resale value too.

    Since buying the MacPro I've also had reason to put together several PCs, relatively high spec at the time, all of which I've since disposed of and I can say hand on heart that I've lost more money on them than I would an equivalent spec Mac.

    Total cost of ownership is generally lower on a Mac than a PC. By this I mean purchase price less resale value, less any additional time/cost in maintaining over the life of the product, then adding in the cost of the power to run them.

    But I am sure than some one can pull lots of statistics showing the opposite to be true if you really go looking for corner cases, so in the end it's all moot.

    I agree with the statement above, for most people, once they go to a Mac and use it day to day for a while, they never want to go back to windows. That doesn't mean Mac is better in absolute terms, it's always personal choice, but for the majority (yes, there will be exceptions) that personal choice seems to migrate toward Mac much more than any Mac user trying Windows migrates to Windows.

    But, in the end, I'll come back to what I said in a previous post, find the software you need to run, figure out what platform you need to be able to run it and be happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyBR View Post
    To me, Mac is a social trend above all.... Like Canon, RED and other stuff that fall into the grace of becoming the "trend".... and are quite special on filling the posh area of our brains.
    Well, it's a trend that's been gong for almost as long as the PC has been around, because I first used a Mac back in the 80s but have also been through every version of Windows since Windows 386 (a forerunner to Windows 3.0). So to say I and many others have fallen prey to a social trend would be somewhat misleading. Maybe you're only just starting to notice Mac with more recent designs, but Mac has been around since before many here were even born.

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    Ha Ha that makes me feel really old because I was using computers before windows was invented. Even before DOS came on the scene.

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