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Thread: Tutorial: Creating A Clean Plate From A Hand Held Shot

  1. Default Tutorial: Creating A Clean Plate From A Hand Held Shot

    One of the most crucial skills when doing VFX is creating a good clean plate from your shot. This can be very tricky if you only have one hand held shot and you simply cannot recreate the exact camera movement without the actor(s).

    This is how you do it!

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    Thanks for posting. This clip was alot better than many that I have seen.
    However. From around 05:11, I found the instructions come too fast - and there is no explanation about why the User must press particular keys. I recommend learning how to use the clone tool in AE; it seems a shame to offer a guide for AE which also requires a separate image processing app. In this clip, the actual 'clean plate' is created in Photoshop.
    I liked the tutorial and the audio, but believe it could easily be shortened by at least 2 minites.

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    As someone who doesn't use AE or Photoshop (but who uses a different Compositor and Photo Editor) I found this very useful. As I was only interested in principles rather then what key to press when it worked well. I also found the length about right. So, ironically, although I'm not your intended audience, it worked very well for me. Well done!

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