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    I am new here and I want to share the video I made.
    The video was made with actual kickboxer, who is preparing for his next big fight next month.
    We wanted to show dynamic trainings that he need to complete on every day basis.
    Any critics?

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    I did not enjoy all the transitions (fading to black). I liked the timing to the beat around 0:45. I liked the general colour of the clip (lots of yellow and black; and little patches of red). The last 20 seconds felt disappointing to me. Although I liked the idea of the shot at the end (giving a sense of success from the training), that hero shot (01:07) is very blurry and unclear.

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    I agree with all TimA's comments - especially the final shot. I liked the mix of hand held and static camera except the shot at 0:20 should have been tripod mounted (or on a vertical slider) to my mind.

    Oh - I forgot he was a kickboxer - there were no shots of practicing kick type moves, so I've only got the title that tells me that!
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    Perhaps a few words to describe who he is and what he does. Or you could get him to do a voice over.

    Overall I thought it was good.

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    I liked it overal - the final sequence could be could down to its half. I didn't mind the fade to black

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