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    A while back I came on here asking if anyone knew why I was getting rogue frames in videos, using FCP on a Powermac G5.

    I've just realised that I didn't actually tell anyone the outcome.

    After stripping the system to its bare minimum (512mb of ram, 60Gb+ memory etc), it worked out that it was the external SCSI drive that was the problem. We got stitched up by the people who sold us the entire suite, they claimed to have got the drive fixed months before, they didn't. Then they kept coming in for months making it worse!

    Another guy came in to sort it out and turns out the drivers were 18 months old and the settings were wrong. Updating the drivers and increasing the transfer speed sorted it out. We work in 8bit-uncompressed and the drive just couldn't handle it.

    If anyone has this problem in the future, check this first, trust me it will save you SO much grief (and money!)
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    I seem to remember the problem. Thanks for the update!
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