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    Finally managed to get this video finished. Its definitely my best effort yet as I think it definitely has a story and quite a cinematic feel to it.

    Shot solely on a Canon HV30 with a 20 Neewer LED Light for the night stuff. Most of the cinematography is me, my mate who has no experience lent a hand also.

    As always, would really look for critique on this one, what would you change?, what do you like/dislike?


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    Having had the preview of this I had high hopes and I wasn't disappointed. You created some great looks and I thought you edited it superbly.
    There were only a couple of things I was not 100% sure of - and others may well disagree:
    The shots of you walking towards the camera - (a) I thought the camera movement was too much - too wobbly and (b) the mid shot framing didn't work for me.
    The other issue was that some of the angle shots looking up at you (under the bridge) seemed out of place somehow.
    But very enjoyable nevertheless - it goes to show you don't need a DSLR and massive light righ to create a good looking video.

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    Totally agree with Tim. A well crafted music video. It's totally fitting for the mood of the song. Not one of my favourite songs of yours but the video you have made for it is in another league to anything you've done in the past.

    Well done.

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    Thank you guys thats very kind of you both!.....Im spoilt for choice for nice locations being in London and it definitely helped this video, but mainly I just planned my shots much more than Ive done before and I think it shows!

    Totally agree with your points Tim, we didnt have a steadicam or similar to keep the street shots steady, my mate was just walking backwards trying not to bash into everyone!!

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    Within the 30 secs I 'knew' I was going to enjoy it all. All good stuff.
    There were two moments which I may have preferred were different:
    1) Around 01:22 when the shot cuts away whilst the man is singing. I think I would have left it on the singer, in the same way as the OP does (I think rather well) in the subsequent 4 or 5 lines.
    2) The headless singer around 02:40 looks wrong (to me).

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    Oh yes, one other observation I meant to make. When you first make an appearance as the singer, I'd hold the shot for longer so you are properly introduced to the viewer. It cuts away too quickly to establish you, for my liking.

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    I take both yours and Tim Andrews points that some of the cuts are a bit quick, I'm trying to cram too much in!!....I must have shot around 2 hours worth of footage for that 3 and a half minutes!

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    I also noticed the cut off head. Overall I liked it very much so I will be nit picking.

    - You could have used more than just two locations for the singing shots.
    - A bit more story telling in the visuals would be cool.
    - Having the the artist sing next to an actor like a narrator would probably be nice.

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