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    Question Another 'Which Camera' thread...

    Hi folks,

    I am after a new camera to help support our work on MMOBuff.TV. Although we have some equipment, it is currently not meeting our needs as well as it might, and with some big interviews and a trip to PAX to record more interviews coming up it's probably time to but some more equipment. There is a budget of 1500 - this really cant flex much more as this is still a hobby project. However the access to the content that we have is worthy of professional production values, audio and video. This budget is for everything that would travel with me on a plane to a remote location to run interviews at PAX.


    To be used to record interviews in multiple uncontrolled environments - think convention center's, hotel rooms etc
    To be used in our home base studio as a camera source alongside a webcam in our live shows (
    After setting up I need to also be conducting the interview in front of camera, with the subject (sometimes we will have a separate operator, but not when flying to events like PAX).
    Some (limited) run 'n gun footage would be useful from time to time (convention centres, PAX, Gamescom etc)
    The setup needs to deal with the random light levels found at events.
    I will occasionally need to film a speaker on a stage from an variable distance. Thus a level of zoom.


    I often have a very tight timeline (circa 25m, sometime less) to enter the area where the interview is taking place, conduct the interview and remove me and my equipment. (This is currently problematic operating solo with external mics, a Zoomh4n, a Nikon D32, tripod and cables galore when operating solo)
    I have a need to record interviews of up to 45m - albeit the majority are 20m.
    The timeline from shooting an interview, to having it edited and up, needs to be as short as possible as we are often dealing with NDA drops and new information.
    In our studio the camera will be used multiple times each week.
    Conventions (2/3 day events) will happen 4/5 times per year
    I would assume I am looking for XLR inputs (current mic's are XLR)
    Workflow for post edit will be Adobe Premier on a Macbook Pro (current gen).
    Finished output needs to be 1080p, 16:9 ratio.

    Possible Considerations:

    The tripod needs to be secure enough for me to be comfortable not holding it, in a convention centre where there are crowds.
    I would like to switch to wireless mics if budget allows. This would give more freedom and remove a possible fear around people tripping on a cable in some scenarios
    I need to be able to get everything on a plane! (ie. portable)
    Some form of camera rig that helps with stabilisation when shooting when not on tripod would be great (but I suspect not in budget)
    long term this camera will also be in the studio, with others, being able to remotely zoom/focus would be a big plus
    Would using a shotgun mic help? (it may not be suitable for all scenarios with no control on background noise)
    Would an LED light on the camera help with improving the shots ?

    (As an aside, I have a budget of about 400 to try to sort out fixed lights for the studio, but that can be another thread).

    Existing Equipment:

    This is what we have that is not really cutting the mustard.

    Zoom H4n
    Pair XLR Sure mic's
    Nikon D32

    Things I like:

    I like the depth of field and image quality offered by the better DSLR's (I made the mistake of borrowing an Eos-1D). However these are a) Out of budget & b) Not very suitable for running solo when I also need to interviewing in front of the camera.
    I would life to be able to set a focus that keeps the subjects sharp, but blurs out the background - but need a level of autofocus I assume if the subject moves

    I would welcome any suggestions or further questions!

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