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    Hi hi! Its been a while
    Having completed last years insane personal project I've started a new one for this year. It won't quite be a new video every month, instead I'm going to practice some landscape and architectural filming by exploring a few spaces that I like to visit or a new and interesting.

    Heres My first, Cardiff Barrage, a place I visit quite often as its literally on my doorstep and incredibly pretty, and theres icecream and hot chocolate for sale on site


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    Very nice job Nat. Some really nice shots and I like that you got some narrative in the edit.

    Well done.

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    I liked it too, with the exception of the sped up shots - I found the fast moving people spoilt the flow somewhat.

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    Thanks guys.
    I'm hoping to find a composer to work with for the next one to help convey more of a space.
    I was fine with the sped up shots, but value your opinion Tim thanks x

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    I liked it in general but have to agree that the timelapse sequences did not work so well maybe as too little happened. The outstanding shot for me was the sitting fisherman at 02:14. I can't tell why exactly that one hit me.


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