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    Iím wondering what my best option would be. I would like to be able to record with a an external microphone, shotgun or stereo, into a stand-alone audio recorder. Iím leaning towards getting an attachment like a TASCAM IXJ2 to connect to my iphone to record to apps like FourTrack or FiRe. Itís an old Iphone 4S that is not in use other than as an audio / video device. The advantages I see here is that is very compact, a lot of storage space, can process audio using a variety of apps.

    Is there any appreciable advantage to nixing this idea and getting a dedicated audio recorder such as a DR-05 or something smaller, to record withÖ.?

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    Buying a 4s and using it as an audio recorder is like buying a cray xmp and using it as a tip calculator

    nonetheless since you have the 4s already you are all set

    if you hate apple and Justin bieber, then Olympus makes some nice portable audio recorders that are excellent value for the money
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