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    Hi, I would very much appreciate help or advice with the following problem.
    I have a quantity of SVHS video cassettes and intend to edit video from these using Pinnacle Studio (ultimate 12) on my Windows 7 computer then upload the resultant AVI file to Facebook.
    However according to “Facebook help” they recommend uploading H.264 with AAC audio in MOV or MP4 Format???? This is where I stumble.
    It is possible I will have to buy some conversion device but I would prefer to do this rather than download a free partial converter from a possible doggy site.
    Please can anyone help? I am not as mentally nimble as I used to be, please be patient.
    Thank you

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    Hi Barry

    The closest option I can find in your manual is on page 275 (Chapter 15: Making your movie). This is unlikely to be H.264, but it's really the smaller file size that you're after. As per your manual:

    • When you have finished editing your project, switch to Make Movie mode by clicking the Make Movie button at the top of the screen
    • Select "file" from the menu
    • Choose MPEG4 and then full size

    The other option is to use the output to YouTube option, but it looks like this is quite a low quality setting.


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    Marc Peters
    Many thanks for the swift reply which was informative and precise. Am off now to have some fun!


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