I download videos from http://www.dr.dk/tv/seneste-uge with http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/117108

On dr.dk are two kinds of subtitles:

1. Danish subtitles for the videos spoken in Danish. For these ones the above script CAN'T DOWNLOAD the video with the implemented subtitle. But is possible to save the subtitle from a link from the back of the site.

For this kind of videos in the down right of the video screen on dr.dk is a button where you can activate or disable the subtitle.
For example: http://www.dr.dk/tv/se/foerste-verde...nskrig-9-10#!/
Subtitle for this video: www.dr.dk/mu/bar/5312c1e26187a21e88014287

2. Videos spoken in English with danish subtitles. For these one the above script download the videos with the implemented subtitle by default(it isn't the choice to chose).

Example of this kind of video: http://www.dr.dk/tv/se/fbi-s-histori...s-historie-5-5

The question for these kind of subtitles, is there any way to make it larger in the downloaded video?
Any kind of recommendation is welcome.

Do you know any other script/software which can download the English spoken videos from http://www.dr.dk/tv/seneste-uge which can let me enlarge the danish subtitle?

Is there any way to find the danish subtitle on the DR website(like in the first exemple)? If yes, is there any way to cover/hash/jam the implemented small subtitle and use the downloaded one with a bigger font.

If it's not possible none of the above two options, is there any software where you could selected once the part with the implemented subtitle and enlarge it as much as you want, and then the software automatically enlarge the part you selected for all the video, and then save the video with that larger part ?

Thank you very much !