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Thread: Why Africa

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    Default Why Africa

    Here's another video I edited (not filmed) for the charity And Albert.

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    I am not sure about using the blurry side bars to fix the aspect ratio. Personally I prefer cropping and fix zoom even if you loose some resolution. Maybe some more original sound would have been nice in the background from time to time. Overall nicely edited.

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    I beg to disagree with XXL about the blurry side bars. I don't have a problem with them and prefer that to cut and cropping poor quality video. But it's just my opinion.

    Slap the cameraman though! Strangely the 3:4 format stuff seems to be filmed better than the 16:9 but neither of them are satisfactory, let alone good.

    He keeps on about "when these films come out...." as a means of gaining sponsors, money and interest, so he should have employed a proper cameraman.

    Nicely edited though.

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    Very true Rob. I do die a little inside whenever I look at the next lot of footage I have to deal with. There are going back to Africa next month so if anyone wants to volunteer to go and film with them, I'm sure they would be grateful.

    I would have cropped the 4:3 footage but it just wouldn't cope with it as it was shot at 640 x 480. I thought the blur was better than black bars.

    Thanks for watching guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    I thought the blur was better than black bars.
    That's definitely the case.

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    I had difficulty watching. Just too wobbly.
    OK - so if your subject is moving around whist talking as I see it you have two options:
    Frame close (like n this shot) and keep the camera still and just accept the subject is going to move in and out of the ideal position ... CUT!
    I've just looked back at this. He doesn't move around that much. It's the bloody camera!
    This does not add interest or excitement. It's not a fight scene for goodness sake!

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    I liked this one better than the last one - more dynamic - blurry bars were fine

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    @ Tim, I know, I know the camera work is very wobbly, would you believe I cut out the most wobbly shots ! One thing about wobble cam is there is bound to be at least one frame were the subject is perfectly framed.

    Any body with a tripod fancy a trip to Africa, no expenses paid not even your flight. Must be free for a few weeks next month. I think you get free food ?

    @ Zam, He was very ill when they filmed the last one, I like that he's much more cheerful in this one so I tried to make it more uplifting.

    Thanks for watching guys.

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    I don't see the issue with the blurry bars melds nicely better than the black bars Camera work wasnt done by you so nice work

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    Hi MB

    Appreciate you edited this and didn't shoot the footage yourself.

    First of all what an amazing man / charity and for me the subject matter overcompensates the problems like wobbling on the main interview and the very short section of bars ... to me as a viewer it didn't matter MB because I was more interested with what had to be said ....
    Plus I know you have done the best you could with what you have been given to work with. So not only a big thumbs up to And Albert but also to you for your editing work and getting involved you are a star.

    Oh yes liked inclusion of the map with footage and some fantastic shots of sunset / sunrise near end and what a wonderful smile at 1.06

    Inspiring stuff


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