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Thread: Sony Handycam & Microsoft Windows 8.1

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    Default Sony Handycam & Microsoft Windows 8.1

    Hi....... Complete numpty here who is looking for help from experienced users. I've owned a Sony Handycam DCR-HC44E for a number of years (yes it's ok for my needs) & I had no problems transferring to my Dell laptop running Windows XP (no longer supported by Microsoft) with Movie Maker included. Now here's the problem.......I was forced into purchasing a new laptop after the Dell packed up. My new laptop is loaded with Windows 8.1 (yuk) which with Windows 7 does not support the driver in my Camcorder. Sony's answer was to use I-link connection (FireWire) using PMB as content transfer software, which of course didn't work, or I should consider purchasing a FireWire PCI card for my laptop / PCMCIA FireWire card port, if the laptop has a PCMCIA port (which of course it hasn't). They have now washed their hands of the problem because of the seniority of the camcorder (their words not mine).

    It would be easy to go and spend a few hundred pounds on another camcorder but the one I have is in working order the only problem of course being transferring recorded tapes to the laptop/dvd.

    So is there anyone who can give me practical advise on what I should do know?

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    Hi goughe46 and welcome.

    The only realistic way you can capture footage from that camera is via firewire. You will therefore need access to a PC with firewire. If your old laptop is still functional, capture using that then transfer the captured files via memory stick, external drive or network. Just because XP will ceased to be supported douesn't mean it won't work any more, just that no further patches will be released. For that reason, I'd suggest not going down the network route as as it may contract all sorts of nasties post April 8th.

    Failing that, a friend with a PC with a firewire (or even offer to buy the firewire card for him/her)

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    Bear in mind that sooner or later you will want some of the new features of a modern camcorder . . . so HD-era looms!

    It's a pity you didn't go for a Desktop PC with Win7 and add a Firewire card (about £20). Are you sorted with an Editing program? I tried Win Live movie maker (for HD - a free download with Win7), but it's very limited . . . . whereas Sony Movie Studio is much more flexible and guides move you through Tutorials.... but it lacks some features of £500 software . . . . but then, Content is King.
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    Cheers for all the useful info.

    Times are hard, especially for us pensioners, and investment on a new Camcorder is out of the question. If I'd have known of the problems that Windows 8 would present me with then I certainly would have gone for something easier; goes to show it's not what you know it's who you know!!!! I know wish that I had not condemned the old Dell to the graveyard so now on the lookout for an old laptop with XP that will do as a means of transferring recorded info onto a dvd.

    Once again thanks to both for all the useful info.

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