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Thread: Looking to add an intro to a batch of videos

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    Default Looking to add an intro to a batch of videos

    Hello. I am looking for some software to add a brief intro to multiple videos. I upload a decent amount of videos to youtube and I would like to put this custom intro on them without having to manually merge them together in movie maker. Can anyone suggest a method to do this?

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    It's common for Hollywood to have a Brand Intro (and sometimes intros on Intros which is tedious!)...but I'm not aware of budget software that does this easily.
    My own solution is to create a Project called "Intro2014" and this includes all the titles, music, effects for the 10-sec Title sequence. This is saved as "Intro2014.vp" ( this is the Project prior to Rendering )... and whenever I want to create a new project, I select this intro and then change the Title ( forget this and you mess it up; - so save a spare as "DupIntro2014.vp"
    Now each of the movies you upload should have a similar Intro and copyright notice, etc.
    My Intro ends in a few seconds of black, to take the Title; eg "...Part 3, The Return..."

    It's a shame that Editors don't have this feature built-in, so we can have maybe half a dozen styled Intros for different examples of work... I added some uplifting music (er, in my Opinion!), so the sound-level could be judged.

    How do others do similar...?
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