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    I've been messing around with 120fps on my iphone. One day I'll film something that isn't my daughter. But until then, I did this:

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    Definitely captured the moment

    great music choice

    she's a natural!

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    I always wonder how you remember to switch on the (phone) camera to capture such moments.

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    Default A bit of slow mo

    Before I leave my house I ask myself, "shall I take my camera". In a sense, I start planning whether I'll capture the moment long before they happen. Then I decide whether I'll take video or photos. Doing both often means you get neither to your satisfaction.

    If I do decide to film (and that includes using my iPhone), my camera is always in my hands, ready to film. Which is why I decide before I leave whether today is for filming.

    So it's not really about switching the camera on, but rather deciding if today is a day for filming. There are plenty of moments. You just have to consider whether those around you will embrace you filming on that day.

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    This clip, like the previous one, has lovely strong colours. Do you tend to add some colour saturation in post? Or is that how it comes from the iPhone?

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    I add colour saturation in post. Not a lot.

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    Blimey she's really growing now.

    It seemed a bit dark to me I don't know if that is just this rubbish computer or the original video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    It seemed a bit dark to me I don't know if that is just this rubbish computer or the original video.
    There are lots of shadows, but on the screens I've seen it on, there is detail in the shadows.

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    Great results. Shows it's not (just) the equipment, it's the know-how and practice.


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