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    Question Green Screen Help!

    Hi! My name is Billy... and this is my first post. First of all, I have Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate. I have some footage of two women sitting on motorcycles in front of a green screen. Then we recorded some footage driving around in the back of a truck. The footage is just of the road. The problem I am having is that when we put that in as the green screen background, the women on the motorcycles are running over cars, people, mailboxes... I was wondering what the best way is to fix that so they are riding only on the road for the entire segment, which is a couple of minutes long.

    Thank you so much for reading this!

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    Can you post a screenshot (or two) to demonstrate what the problem is?
    If you background footage only includes "just the road"; then where do the cars/people/mailboxes come from?
    I assume the footage includes other cars. If so, are you able to edit in some closeups of the riders (and therefore only a small section of the background scence shows) at the points where those unwanted objects appear?

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    it sounds like you need to record again the road footage with more care regarding other objects additional to the road itself, OR you need to rotoscope those objects out. please post a couple of screenshots of the problem for further help.

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