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Thread: UK Comedy Web Series Pilot 2 "The Chuggers"

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    Default UK Comedy Web Series Pilot 2 "The Chuggers"

    Dear all i am very new to this forum, in fact i only found it a hour or so ago. After having watched and read a few reviews, i have the built up enough courage to show a clip of my latest project. This was filmed on a Blackmagic Cinema Camera on Pro ress, Tokina 11-16mm 2.8f and an sigma 30mm 1.4. Other equipment is a Tascam DR-60D, rode ntg2. edited in FCPX 10.

    Would be lovely to have some feed back as we are serious about this project so you can't be too harsh. Could it make it to TV. Would it pass? these are question don't have the first idea how to answer.

    Thanks all for your time.


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    The only missing ingredient is a female comedic actress like Claire Keelan

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    Very good. Nicely shot and edited. The actors were totally believable as was the dialog. The idea was funny and you didn't kill it by going on too long. I loved the reveal of the homeless guy (one criticism - he looked like he's just got out of the bath).
    I'm not sure why you chose to cross the line in the early shots.

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    A three way conversation is not an easy thing to deal with but you seemed to do it well.

    Good job fellers.

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