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Thread: Transformers Age of Extinction: Trailer (Short Film)

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    Default Transformers Fan Film: Trailer (Short Film)

    So I wondered how difficult would it be to make my own Transformers film,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well here is the trailer for my 'Age of Extinction' film.

    It will have a running time of about ten minutes when its finished, there are over 150 VFX shots incorporated.

    The finished film will be ready to view in June just before the bigger budget Michael Bay film is released. For any Transformers fans, I hope it proves entertaining enough to enjoy the viewing experience.
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    Looks really got to me but watch out for copyright issues!

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    I can't imagine the amount of work that must have gone into it. I think the robot looks good but the car scene not quite as real looking, I'm not saying it's not an excellent job it's just not as good as the real thing which would be next to impossible to shoot.

    My only concern is will the story line be strong enough to carry the movie for 10 mins.

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    Hey Guys

    Thanks for checking it out and leaving feedback.

    Important thing for me is this is a film I have made to learn new VFX processes, I just like to incorporate them in a short film when I do, plus its good fun! The good thing is as you point out where some shots can be stronger the post production is still taking place on a lot of shots, so as this is a solo project it does take some time. Would have been nice to shut down the roads but this was not exactly feasible, so shooting the backplates was a very long process. If the audience can accept the effects then I hope they continue to watch for an entertaining experience, after all this is a Transformers fan film, and not made by a studio with a dedicated team of artists, but like i say i hope it proves to be entertaining.

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