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Thread: Sony Vegas unmanaged exception (0xc0000005) error message solved

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    Wink Sony Vegas unmanaged exception (0xc0000005) error message solved

    I've been working on a documentary for about 6 months. It's Over 3 hours long, has about 15 video tracks and half a dozen audio tracks I'd been working all weekend on doing some Foley work on it. Then, yesterday I opened up Vegas and tried to open my project. It crashed with a unmanaged exception (0xc0000005) error message. I tried it again same thing. I thought no worries I'll use my back up project file. Same thing. By this time I was beginning to get a bit worried.

    I scratched my head and thought it could be the program so I uninstalled the program and re-loaded Vegas but when I tried to open the program I got the same error. Now I was really starting to bab my self. I can't begin to tell you the amount of work that has gone into this project so far.

    Trying to stay calm and wondering if having a cigarette might help (I gave up ciggies at Christmas) I suddenly came up with the idea of changing the name of the media content folder and try opening the project. I got to 25% then said it can't fine a media file so I told it the location of the file it opened. Vegas asked if I wanted to open all the media in this location, I said yes.

    Bish bash bosh the project opened fully, unharmed and ready for action.

    I don't know if this will work for all unmanaged exception (0xc0000005) error message problems but if it helps some one then great.

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    Good bit of lateral thinking, Midnight (or was it sheer desperation?)
    Clearly a bug in the software - please report it to SCS (although you won't be able to submit any useful dioagnostics as it now works).
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Well done, but a quick look around , this errors points to all sorts of things, including QT

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    @Z I saw the Quicktime issue but that seems to be more related to the opening of the program it's self. I know it could also be Vegas detecting corrupt media or as you say all sorts of errors. I', just glad on this occasion that I found a solution.

    @Tim I did sent Sony the error message with the added info so hopefully they can act upon it, if there is need to.

    As I've already said I'm just happy I found a solution otherwise you would probably be saying things like "what a nice guy Midnight use to be" and "We'll miss him" and "Just what is it that drives a man to take his own life".

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    Backups are a good idea

    An even better idea is to slap the whole thing together pell-mell in three hours so it doesn't matter if you lose it
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    Hmmm. I agree back ups are essential BUT even I can't edit a piece this long, that quickly.

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