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Thread: Premiere Pro CS6 "Play / Pause" lag - please help me!!

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    Default Premiere Pro CS6 "Play / Pause" lag - please help me!!

    Good evening!

    I originally had an old username I used to use on here and just came across this website once more a few minutes ago, i'm so glad you guys are still going!

    I have an issue... I'm currently cutting a Showreel on PPCS6 and it seems to be a 0.5 / 1.0 second lag between play and pause. No delay when scrubbing though!

    Does anyone know the solution / has experienced this issue before?

    Any help would be amazing as its quite urgent!

    Thank you,

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    Are you running the latest updates? I think it is 6.0.5 now. I remember a similar problem being reported (somewhere) around the time of 6.0.2

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