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Thread: Choppy, jumpy, juddy video play back

  1. Default Choppy, jumpy, juddy video play back

    Hi. This is my first ever forum entry. Though quite experienced I am with PCs I would like you to assume the least of me so that no stone is left unturned.
    please bare with me and read this thoroughly .
    Three days ago I discovered that the choppy or judder or lagging effect (i am not quite sure how to call it) in videos, no matter if it is streaming from net or a blue ray or even higher def. video file especially when camera is moving or paining was not a file related problem. In fact there is something fundamentally wrong somewhere which I am hoping you will help me locate.

    I shut some video with my Sony vg900 where the camera pans from side to side very slowly and at moderate speed. I did it in as many different formats and resolutions as the camera does. I did the same with three different brand of sd and micro sd all class 10: Nikon, Adata, Scandisk.
    I also recorded it directly out of the camera HDMI output on SSD drive using Blackmagic Hyperdeck external video recorder in Uncompressed and ProRes (massive files about 100 mb/s) and here is the very serious problem:
    on the computer they all are choppy, so much so that it hurts the eye! The choppiness gets more noticeable when panning is faster.
    In the camera everything looks great and flawless both on camera's 4" display and on my 32" 4K monitor using HDMI output of the camera. It is only in the computer that the problem persists.
    Here is my rig:
    Asys p8z77M motherboard, i7 2600K 3.4Gh running at 4.7Ghz,
    32Gb Mushkin running at 2100Mhz,
    Win7 on ADATA SATA III 128Gb SSD,
    GTX 650 Graphics card displaying 4K resolution on Seiki 4K 32" monitor and on Philips 22 inch HD.
    Tascam US-366 USB Audio interface.
    I also tried it on my backup computer with half the capabilities.
    both computers running Win7. But I also tried the clips on Ubuntu using my first computer and ran the clips on my Samsung Note 3 android too.
    There was not much difference between any of them.
    I tried the following software: Win media player, VLC, Adobe premier Bridge, Apple's Quicktime, Video pad, Adobe Premier.Android player, Vlce for android etc..
    In all of them the result was identical.
    I monitored the CPU, GPU and RAM with CPUZ, while playing the clips. They are hardly worked at all. So I tried to overload them by running the same clips simultaneously on all the players to see if it gets worse, because if it was processing related problem the result should be worse when the hardware is pushed. But they all ran smoothly bad as ever. No difference.

    And here is the spooky thing:
    I thought to myself that as long as this is just a play back issue I should be able to ignore it as long as it has no effect in editing process. So I imported a clip into Premier and processed it as a MPEG4 with low resolution suitable for youtube fast viewing. The result was horrifying. All the judder had been amplified in almost exact places as if this process is actually effecting all aspects of the computer. If this is the case I am in trouble. Because it renders all my rig useless. Please please help!
    These are the things I have tried so far:
    1)Increased paging file size in windows
    2)disabled all audio hardware except for US366
    3)increased buffersize and delay for audio
    4)tried motherboard's hadmi graphics
    5)tried lower resolutions on display in size and bits 1920*1080(16bit)
    6)Gave priority to the player in task manager
    7)disabled all other activities in task manager except for the system. antivirus and internet connection was disabled too
    Tried running all hardware at motherboard optimized default
    9)upgraded the graphics driver
    10)All other possible upgrades were checked
    11)Streamed directly from sd card
    12) viewed the clips on a friend's computer with more powerful graphics card (result was the same)
    13) Ran the clip on Mac air OSX (same result)

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    Could you upload a file as pulled from the camera? This will help isolate any issue with your ​PC.

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    How do I do that?

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    You could use a free online storage account such as dropbox or any cloud hosting offered by your ISP.

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    Here is a link
    Please note streaming it directly on the net can obviously be very lagged so it is better to download it first if possible. If not let me know and I will see how I could make it downloadable.
    This clip was shut at 50i highest quality with shutter speed of 50p/s and the 30db boost (I dont actualy know how this corresponds to the iso measurement) on NIKON SD High Speed SD Card transferred to the computer using USB connection from the Camera with Sony software as the importer.

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    There appears to be minimal lighting in the shot (and a main source of daylight is blocked by blinds). The camera is struggling to cope with that and I wouldn't be surprised if the two are connected. Did you pan on a fluid head tripod? Do you experience the same problem in daylight or a well lit environment?

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    Thanks for speedy reply
    Yes this was shot in rather low light but not that low and at f5.6. I have carried the same test in different lighting and camera setups, but not outside daylight, however if lighting was a factor, it does not explain why the same clip played from the camera and viewed via HDMI on the same monitor is flawless. If the camera was strugling under low light to record it the playback from the camera should also display the same faults.
    Yes I am using a rather good tripod, not top of the range but good enough. I dont know how it operates but sudden moves are not easily permitted. it moves quite smoothly and with follow through which prevents shaky and abrupt stops.
    I have also did some traveling shuts using rail tracks and trolley. In fact that is how my attention was drawn to the problem, while testing the trolley at first I suspected that it was not smooth and sturdy enough, which prompted many tests which brought me to the discovery of the problem

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    I just reviewed the clip again using the HDMI output of the camera and I can see that there are two or three jumps in the panning which is due to my shaky tripod control indeed and nothing to do with the problem. It occurred to me to ask you whether the playback is also choppy on your gear (not counting my shaky camera work i just mentioned)
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    This is all purely anecdotal and non scientific, so take it how you will. However, I once filmed with completely the wrong shutter speed. It all looked fine when filming and even editing. But the output file was awful no matter what I did. And it looked varying degrees of shite on various pcs, software and screens. The worst was QuickTime on a mac. The best Vimeo on a tv screen. I guess the playback software algos deals with things slightly differently. So for me , the stuttering was a shutter speed issue.

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    I could handle the bad play back if I could see it well in editing. It is the editing that worries me worst, because the problem seem to be getting worse in post pro. But lets follow your lead. I have shut with different shutter speed however I have not made a careful record of it for comparison purposes. It is worth trying. In this direction could you give me an idea of wrong and correct shutter speed so I have some ground to work on. My camera is set to the European 50p and not 60p and the shutter speed jumps from 25th/ second to 50th and then to 60, 100,120,150,200

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