Hey everyone, first post here, I wanted to see what more professional people, or just people with more experience use for rendering video. I do some teardowns and electronics stuff on youtube, but also gaming (rendering fraps footage, so I want to keep quality as good as I can) , and I have found that the WMV is the best format to use, mainly because MP4 looks like total garbage. It has a lot smaller file sizes, and you can render faster using GPU acceleration but the color is always off, it's pixelly, and just bad quality, so WMV (while orders of magnitude larger) seems to be the better option, even though uploading a 7, or worse, 16gb file takes many hours on my internet connection. At least with fraps it drops the file size a lot, but for iphone video, it actually makes it several times larger (original video was 2.64 GB, now it's 7.35 GB)

Anyways, I figured I'd share a screenshot of my settings, and see what you guys use or have recommendations for. Maybe some of you know of a way to get MP4 to look as good as fraps, I've heard of people who use it instead but it just always looks bad.

I also use these settings for 720p, I just change the resolution to that. You also may notice I use 1680 x 1080, my monitor is 1680 x 1050, so I have to add those extra 30 pixels for YouTube to recognize it as 1080p