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Thread: What's the best upgrade option

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    Default What's the best upgrade option

    I am thinking of upgrading my system
    AMD 1.6ghz athlon
    768MB PC2100 memory
    Radeon 32MB all in wonder
    for better video editing options.

    However, and this is where I am getting conflicting advice, would I get a noticibly better and quicker performance from a video card, memory (obviously speed rather than quantity), or processor. I have looked at Radeon 9600XT AIW, and also 9800SE AIW which seem favourably priced.
    My MB will take up to 2ghz processor and I really didnt want to upgrade MB as this is just such a pain in the butt.


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    Best overall performance boost HAS to be the CPU. Not the most "cost effective" upgrade, but will def give the biggest boost to encoding etc. Increasing RAM may help stop applications "falling over" or slowing down (esp when your task bar is full of app!), but won't boost that raw power needed for that all important task of encoding. If you've got the money, go for a new board and beefy CPU, oh, and through in 1gig of fast, good quality RAM while you're there!

    The videocard upgrade is great for gaming, but won't cut the mustard in terms of a video editing upgrade. A video editing card on the otherhand will help in providing REAL time transitions and editing.
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    in exactly the same boat here ... pondering the upgrade....

    cpu ram mobo def the main components to spend the dosh on.... but....

    I'm confused about the video card........

    the canopus storm video card is supposed to be dogs b**** for real time editing etc

    its expensive (if you can get one!) but is there another video card that compares?

    can someone explain the difference please???
    Intel Q9550

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