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Thread: All new Scorpion Lighting System

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    Default All new Scorpion Lighting System

    Hi Everyone,

    We are a small company from Scotland, thatís right we wear Kilts and drink an abundance of whisky. Weíve developed a brand new lighting system for content creators called The Scorpion Light. Itís a sweet multi-directional, clamp on to anything, battery powered, dimmable, super flexible, CRI>90 LED light. We are currently running a KickStarter Campaign and would love to hear some of your opinions or feedback.

    We just launched at BVE London and will be at NAB Las Vegas

    Look Forward to hearing from you

    Blind Spot Gear

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    A neat idea and that Kit looks well thought out.
    Why "Scorpion?"
    Does the "90" refer to the number of LEDs perhaps? - LEDs are increasingly more efficient, so you're in a good position to benefit - esp as Big Boys need to remember the older kit they sold a few years ago (and is still in use).
    Of course price is a huge factor . . . and I don't see where the "battery-power" is located. Are you tapping the camcorder supply?

    With all camcorders becoming better in low-light the need for big lights is restricted to large sets, so this is a useful fill-in when close; but for many uses, one of those dimmable 160-LED camera-top lights on a Magic-Arm is probably brighter. Indeed there is already Rotalight, although very pricey and I never got the ring-arrangement ( being too small to fit round the lens...)...gimmick or what? They appear to be mainstream now.

    Something to watch is the snake-arm - these have the tendency to lose the initial stiffness - so the Magic-arm mechanism is better as it should never wear down. Or have you cracked the Snake, too?

    It will be interesting in a few years, if you can make the head direction/brightness vary under computer control, so the light adapts as the shot progresses . . . . something that Pros can do for a lot of money (On set), but I don't think it applies to camera-mounted/set-splashers.
    Also the ability to change colour should be considered.

    Good luck.

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    Hi Vidmanners,

    It's called the scorpion light due to the shape, we all think it looks rather like a scorpion tail. The >90 refers to CRI (color rendering index). The light can be powered from the camera via a d-tap or high rose. The batteries, mains and dimmer work on an in-line system, this is pretty cool so you can have your dimmer by the mains when the head is inaccessible.

    We've tested a lot of materials for the goose neck and we've discovered that steel doesn't hold up to the job of constant use, Brass however is a self lubricating metal and works really nice as a gooseneck.

    All your ideas of matrix control, rgb emitters ect are all things we are working on towards the future, but, lets get this light solid and out into the world first

    All the Best

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    Heres the interview test I was mentioning. Any other opinions or questions keep them coming. These are all great questions to make sure we get this light as spot on as possible.


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