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Thread: Student wants to learn and needs your advise

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    Default Student wants to learn and needs your advise

    I am a student and want to improve my techniques. I shot this video with my Canon T3i DSLR and everything else is on the cheap. Please let me know how I can improve. Any tip will help.

    I posted the video on youtube. Please view and advise:

    Thank you very much.

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    I realise she's whispering, but I struggled to make out the dialogue. I don't know whether it's intentional or not but I could not make out what "satan" was saying.
    The exposition rather dragged on.
    However it had some good shooting in low light and, apart from a bit of a pause at the very beginning the characters were believable.

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    The voice level is very low and I guess you used a camera mic instead of a dedicated one. So I guess as I am only complaining about audio the visuals are fine

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    It really helps IMHO, if your first movie conveys a "Story" rather than something the audience has to guess-at.
    The starting low-audio and (louder) music-effect make it appear like a fault. Scrolling on there is a door slam which is well recorded but I missed any sync with a door.
    Have you tried filming in bright and darkening in Post? Perhaps you did?
    I think the audio needs a rethink . . . remember that not everyone (even youngsters), has good hearing; - so you have to make it easy for them too.
    On the cheap is good - that way the kit doesn't get in the way of learning the Fundamentals. You might try shallow DoF with your lens at f/2.8 say, but make certain there is a bright point-of-interest for the viewer to latch onto. This could be catch-lights in the eye but try to avoid two as this causes the viewer to switch between them (to make sure they aren't missing something). + Glasses can be useful if their lens is not obstructive ...and could "reflect" the sinister Caller at the door.... etc. It's more difficult and would need backlighting the Caller, but you can judge in yr viewfinder before filming. Alt. have the caller "shadow" on the door before it's opened . . . .

    Good Luck.
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