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Thread: Sci-Fi Film From A New Member

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    Default Sci-Fi Film From A New Member

    A friend informed me of this site and I thought that I'd share one of the films that we have made with fellow members. The film is a Sci-Fi action movie about two aliens who are using Earth as their own personal battleground. It starts slowly but once the action starts it doesn't let up. As you can probably tell, Adobe After Effects played a key role in the production.

    Showdown on Planet Earth, 2003 Sci-Fi Action: 5:42 R

    Let us know if you enjoyed it.

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    I like it , strange but funny

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    What a great standard. It's a riveting story, and so well told it could be used as a training vid for film-making. I think it shows that good camera work, clever composition, good acting and fine editing all make a powerful mix.

    At first, the opening minute (wandering camera) seems to linger too long, but in fact it's just right - because the story then hits you full-face. Each camera shot looks brilliantly well thought out - was that a crane shot behing the wood fence?

    I'd love to see more if you feel so inclined. Are you all from the US? The second alien's accent sounded English!

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    And once again I find myself agreeing with our "stealth poster". Great work guys - clearly a lot of effort went into this.

    As for the accent... a bit too english.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the feedback. We're glad you enjoyed the film. Please excuse the artificial English accent affected by Jon in Showdown on Planet Earth. We thought he was trying to do Katherine Hepburn. We are all from a small town in Northern Illinois located about 75 miles outside of Chicago. We have been making films for about six years and have completed over 30.

    Since you liked Showdown, I thought that I might point out another of our earlier efforts. It's another Sci-Fi action film set in the near future where the government sends people back in time in order to shape a future more to their liking. We hope that you enjoy it.

    Amok In Time, 2003 Sci-Fi: 8:32 PG-13

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    I liked this even more than 'Showdown'. The suspense was gripping, and I think you're a talented group of film makers, gentlemen. The word 'awesome' gets abused these days, but it's the only one appropriate here.

    Those silhouette shots from the bottom of the cellar stairs, the night shots, the fight sequences, each scene was a visual treat. You must all get a kick out of it. Thanks for the inspiration, and for sharing.

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    WOW !

    Im lost for words !

    Camera angles ... etc Sound track !
    too good for me to comment sorry .

    Delivery boy to the front door scene, its up there with the best !!!!!!

    out of interest how long did it take to
    1: Film
    2: Edit

    Live from Norwich !

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    Really, just so very, very good!!!

    Keep posting more!

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    Good stuff. Infact most of the audio is quite exceptional from other work Ive seen of similar standard.
    Editing is always down to personal taste so I wont comment on that too much however the only thing I can think to say is you should have colour graded it. I imported one of your clips into Edition and had a quick go. I'm my opinion it looked so much better and straight away lost that videocamera look. Im happy to show you this if you wish.

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    Default Please post your altered video.

    We would be happy to look at any modifications that you have made to our films. The two films that I posted represent some of our early work that was shot using the absolute cheapest analog Sony Video camcorder one could buy. In fact, I think it was a demo or second or some such thing. We used it until it just died and I think that it died right after we shot Amok In Time. We have since upgraded to a Canon GL2 which is vastly superior to single CCD cameras like our old Sony. If you can post a link to the video that you altered it would be great. If not, I can set up an ftp account on one of our web sites so that you can upload your efforts. Thanks for taking the time. We look forward to learning how to improve our films.

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