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Thread: Short Student Survey on Editing and VFX

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    Question Short Student Survey on Editing and VFX


    I am a student currently studying film production and have made a survey for a project. I am looking into how hardware and software for editing is now easier to obtain than in the past and how this has/can affect the industry. It\'s a simple, short survey and it would really help me if you could take a couple of minutes to do it.



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    I think you'll have a hard go convincing we lot to fill out a survey, but you can certainly get stories about the old days

    for example, in 1971 I made my own splicing table for 8mm film with a light and a little guide track for the film

    when things started to go digital, I wrote my own NLE in c++ and used that until I discovered pinnacle

    i eventually got tired of not being able to do frame-level multiple-track editing so I switched to PPro and the rest is history

    other people probably have their own stories and I suspect you can cobble something up from them

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