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Thread: bout to give up, vid choppy

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    Default bout to give up, vid choppy

    Using pinnacle studio ver 9.4.3 SE, capturing vid of a wedding from a Sony High 8 camcorder using a haupauge(sp?) wintv2000 PCI card. Well I ran to test dvds of bout 30 min in length and everything was pretty much ok on the second one (update the pinnacle software due to audio sync problems). Now I captured bout 2 hrs of video to avi format and the video is REALLY choppy, in pinnacle and real player. any suggestions?

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    Defrag your harddrive and capture in small chunks.

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    done did a defrag and cleared as much space as possible. only problem is that I only have about 15 1/2gb of free space on my c: and pinnacle doesn't like my second internal HD for some reason.

    and exactly what do you mean by small chunks? as in like an 1/2hr at a time? can I string it all back together? thanks

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    Yes you can piece it back together.

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