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    Hi, does anyone have any experience of importing MXF files into video editing software or converting them to other formats when software doesn't support that format?

    I recently upgraded my PC and my camcorders so that I can film in HD and now discover that the new camcorders produce MXF files and these can't be imported into pinnacle! So considering my options and welcome others experience.

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    When I got my first HD camera it created .mxf files but this is what's called a wrapper ie it's a container for something. The thing inside the wrapper is the codec or format and it's what's inside that is important so you need to find out what the codec is inside.
    My first HD camera was a HVX200 with uses DVCPro HD format but there are many cameras which use different formats in a .mxf wrapper. I think you may be better off upgrading your software to either Adobe or Sony editing software as Pinnacle is very limiting for a film maker.

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    Thanks for the reply. I've bought 2 Sony PMW200, expensive but hopefully future proof for a while and should give me the results I want for the weddings I film. I recorded some test footage in HD422 mode and now can't edit it! I'm sure you're right about pinnacle but I've used it for years through different versions and so find it familiar, quick and easy to use - but this is pushing me to change so will start researching the different software out there - any views on any are more than welcome.

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    I can confirm Canon MXF (from XF300/100 etc) will ingest natively into Sony Vegas. Sony MXF as I understand it is a slightly different flavour, but I'm not aware of anyone else having problems with it and Vegas.
    You've got two excellent pro cameras there but you're editing on a toy! Unfortunately the cost of upgrading is your time learning rather than the cost of the software.
    I moved from Pinnacle Studio to Vegas many years ago and didn't find the change at all difficult (apart from the reversal of tracks: in Pinnacle the lowest video track has priority, in Vegas and just about all other software the upper track has priority) but it suited the way my mind works. Your experience may differ.
    I suspect you're in for a few hours installing and trying out trials.
    Assuming you're PC based, Adobe and Vegas are probably the best bets for peer support (forums, user made tutorials etc)

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    Thanks Tim - you're right, I need to bite the bullet and upgrade and enjoy the benefits - must say that I enjoy the hours editing more than the filming so having an excuse to sit in front of PC trying out and learning new packages is appealing! Sony Vegas and Adobe seem to be coming out high in most reviews been reading so will probably go for one of them.

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    Vegas Pro will digest these files... I used them here with no problems too.

    Nice cameras btw!!!!!

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    Well tried a few free trials and have gone for sony Vegas pro suite - lots to learn but finding basics fairly intuitive so far!
    Am just loving the new cameras too - wish I'd upgraded ages ago now!

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