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    I've had an Apple 5s for a few months now and have recently taken to using it instead of my camera. Yes, the shock of it all, taking video on a mobile phone. Despite the extremely annoying "feature" where iPhone occasionally decides I wanted to shoot in portrait (who in their right mind would do that), things work really well in the sunshine. But what's got me excited on a geek level is the 120fps option. I spent the weekend filming random things in 120fps and have started to edit.

    So, my question to you is have you worked with slow motion and what do you find give the best results. I've found, by trial and error, that some things look spectacular when speed is slowly ramped down - for example spinning wheels and fast approaching objects like swings. But some things look pretty "so what". Does anyone have any tips for the best shots and editing?

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    Maybe search for "Slomo Guys" on Youtube

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    Thanks for this, but the videos are somewhat lacking in finesse. I'm trying to get a feel for how to bring out the best in slow motion, for example camera position, when to start ramping the speed etc. it's one thing being able to film, it's another using this creatively. Once I know what works, I can use these techniques to enhance videos.

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    I am watching a lot of skiing videos so if you are looking for speed changed you may get inspired by this one:

    For me the sequence starting at 01:00 is really cool especially the helicopter shot is awesome in my eyes.

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    We know that some object's movements could just as easily have been fimed at normal speed if the object was simply moved slower. I imagine there are several good purposes for slow motion:

    Gravity: tumbling/falling/diving scenes.
    Enhancement: explosions and destruction.
    Analysis: water dripping from a tap.
    Dramatic purposes: Although the Product 'Twixtor' is not relevant, the video at gives some examples of adjusting speeds within scenes.

    I wonder whether there are differences (to the viewer's enjoyment) between scenes where a slomo object approaches the viwer; to one where it goes away.
    I would look forward to seeing a little collection of Marc's tests.

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    ive been looking into this ....

    Apparently Premier CS6 can edit it natively .... im still on CS5 so cant verify that .

    i find generally the 5S footage looks superb when viewed on the phone but fair to middling viewed on PC.
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    Everything looks great in Slomo if you pair it with electronic ambient music - try the di space dreams station for ideas - it just doesn't get any better - I film everything in 120fps on my 5s now

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    Hard to say what looks good in slowmo. What I know is that Im a bit tired of scenes that start in normal speed and then changes to slowmo in the same plane..... specially on sports.... Well, maybe Im tired of sports videos at all!!

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