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    I am total beginner when it comes to filming, but I do need the best professional results I could have. Also I do not have much of a budget.

    I film with my canon t2i.

    I am looking for a user friendly software to edit my videos, but again I do need professional looking results. I do interviews, promo videos, shot movies and documentaries. If there's is something with preset effects and color corrctions will be great. No, windows built in software IT IS NOT (AT ALL!) good enough for me I am looking for many many steps up.


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    several of us (who "do not have much of a budget") use a version of Sony (Vegas) Movie Studio Platinum. The latest version is #13. The article below gives a very good overview of the software.

    it and if you think it might suit you, download and install a free fully functional time-limited trial version from the SCS site to test it yourself.
    The Suite package gives you best value in my opinion. You might also consider getting v 12 first. It's still available at a pretty inexpensive price in many areas and you could upgrade that to v 13 later using the special offers that come up every now and then.

    Other software that you might consider include solutions from Magix (Movie Edit Pro), Corel (Video Studio Pro), CyberLink (PowerDirector), Adobe (Premiere Elements) and Avid (Pinnacle). Edius Neo from Grass Valley is a bit more expensive.

    Do test with the free trials before you decide.

    Edit: did a belated Search and it seems the OP comes up with this every so often.
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