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Thread: White Lines when capturing with Canopus advc110

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    Default White Lines when capturing with Canopus advc110


    I am a newbie so please be gentle.

    I am trying to capture either video or satellite using a Canopus ADVC-110 analog-to-digital convertor.

    I am using component video & audio interconnects (25 ones at that) from the av-out on my akai CBR-5800Di (dvd recorder/vcr) to the Canopus ADVC-110.

    When using component video & audio connections i get these white lines at the top of the picture which look like a timeline or a representation of sound on a seperate track.

    When using component outs on my JVC DV-Cam to the Canopus convertor though there are no white lines.

    Anyone have any idea what the lines are, why they are there and most importantly how do i get rid of them?

    I have tried using the Canopus Let's Convert program that came with the product, the view inside My Computer from dbl-clicking the removeable device, and the capture program that came with Sony Vegas 5.0 and the white lines are present in all instances.



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    composite. not component.

    it's not a pal/ntsc thing is it? or a pal/secam/whatever thing?

    Usually when capturing analogue there's always some bit that needs trimmed off. Specially the wibbly bit at the bottom of a vhs. Is it on the black part or on the actual picture?
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