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Thread: DayZ Standalone LP

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    Default DayZ Standalone LP

    I FRAPS my DayZ game play just for the fun of it, Then I do my best to turn them into something watchable and less space hogging, Raw FRAPS footage is a space hog.. xD

    Anyway I thought this video turned out ok, Just curious what people think about it? If it's easy to follow ect.
    It's about 1.5 hour of playing compiled into a good 15 minute story. I reallllly love how the story turned out in the end, If you play DayZ you will appreciate it perhaps..
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    I was missing an introduction. At 01:00 the sound volume drops significantly.

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    Sorry. No games allowed. As you'd know if you'd read the stickuy at the top of this section.
    We want to encourage you to get out there and film something

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