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Thread: Blimps (and Windshield) for Shotgun mics

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    Default Blimps (and Windshield) for Shotgun mics

    Hey Guys,

    Recently I bought a 60D audio recorder and Rode NTG-2 shotgun mic.
    I am wondering weather I need to buy a blimp/windhield as well and if its really necessary.
    I am going to shoot both inside as well outside.

    Also, If I have to buy it, should I get branded versions or 3rd party options would work just as well.
    For example, I could buy a 3rd party option for $150

    Or from a store the Rode Blimp only for $300.

    Any Tips?
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    If you´re filming outside it is a must have! I would start with the ebay offer....

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