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    Hey guys

    I've submitted many short films over the years and have always received great feedback. I'm taking the step into professional videography shooting events, promo videos, instructional videos and hopefully weddings (the plan for this summer).

    I've put together a showreel highlighting my range of camera skills and wondered what you thought?

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    I think as a showreel showing off your camera skills it's ok. I can't see you getting any wedding work from it though. If you want to do weddings you will need wedding footage or couples probably won't trust your service without seeing how you will shoot their wedding.

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    Let me just explain.

    I have never videoed a wedding before but I'm looking to get into it. This showreel shows my camera abilities and I've been booked through a production company to be 2nd camera operator at 3 weddings coming shortly.

    I'm not taking on the full responsibility of a wedding alone just yet. But thanks for the thoughts.

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    Right, I get it now.

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