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    Default Film Group Highlight Reel

    Edited highlights from my group over the past few years. We're in the process of a big new project soon...Thanks for watching!

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    I didn't like the small pip scenes in the beginning as they were too small to see enough in the small player. Furthermore did I miss some voice/original sound and at about 02:35 you accidentally fade in the music. Finally the scenes were too short to interpret if they have quality.
    I would go for less but longer scenes and maybe even cut the reel down to less than three minutes.

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    You guys have been busy! Kudos for the tremendous amount of work that surely must have gone in to these projects.

    I bet you had fun putting this together, remembering past projects. I watched without sound, but the images looked great. Well done and look forward to seeing your next project... And especially your experience and any tips you can share.

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    I agree with Marc. You guys have been busy. It's very tricky putting together a reel of this kind firstly who is it aimed at and what is it's purpose.

    I think you need to mix in some scenes with dialogue. I think if I was doing this, I would have started with the fight sequences then to the multiple PiPs then the different scenes as this would grab the views attention at the start. It's kind of the opposite of how you would edit a normal piece in that you don't save the best till last. I guess it's a subjective thing and everyone will have a different opinion.

    I do think it needs trimming a little as there are shots of mixed quality which needs looking at.

    Well done on your successes at the festivals.

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