Hi everybody,

I never used a forum so please don't be too harsh on me.

1x JVC camera GY-HM600 model
4x continuous lights with one bulb on it at 6500K each 600w
1x green screen
1x konova slider
2x tripods manfrotto

No matter where I film, natural light, continuous light environment, I get the video noise and makes my image looks really poor. I don't have any ISO to adjust on the camera, I only have gain levels from 0 to 24 increasing by 3 increments. I tried to find its sweet point with no results. How do I need to setup this camera to get that nice crisp and sharp image as I see on MKBHD channel on youtube? What am I missing?
Also please tell me what should I choose best to film some products for youtube reviews at best fullhd quality.
Recording specs:
quicktime (mpeg2) fullhd up to 30p or 60i
mp4 (mpeg 2) fullhd up to 30p or 60i
avchd fullhd up to 50i without progressive capability.
Editing software, I have both Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.

Please let me know if you need any additional info! I know I have to shoot progressive on this situation against interlaced as I have no movement in my movies, just static products on a table.

Any tips? Any post production tips? Any lighting tips? Any camera menu setup tips?

Thank you all!