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Thread: Wobble Effect after stabilization

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    Default Wobble Effect after stabilization

    Hey guys,
    So im experiencing something rather annoying, The "jello" or "wobble" effect which is only present after a stablization.
    before hand the video is just choppy, hence the stabilation.
    Video Specs:
    1080P, 60FPS
    You'll see the wooble at the begining of the video, as im walking to the car.

    I've read in some places its got something to do with the wide angle of the gopro, others say that its rolling shutter (which i think not since I Stablize with rolling shutter).
    Has anyone overcome this?

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    Without seeing the original footage it's hard to tell what the cause is. The only suggestion I have is to reduce the amount of correction to see if that clears "the wobble". As you shot at 60fps you can slow down the footage which might help to smooth out the wobble.

    I'm sure in the future you will make sure you have smooth footage to edit.

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    That's quite common for stabilization. You could try zooming in as the wobble is usually more extreme on the edges.

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    I suspect that some of the frames in the original are *so* wobbly that the anti-wobble/rolling_shutter software gets confused. There may only be a dozen of such frames. If they were deleted before applying the software; perhaps the results will be better.

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    My videos usually suffer from an "extreme jello" effect if I mistakenly forget to turn off YouTube stabilization before uploading

    Here is a good example in which I am filming in my car on my iPhone (see below) -- in order to fully appreciate the effect, just turn the sound off and watch the roof of the car move around as YouTube tries to keep me rock-solid in the frame

    I believe you are only suffering from "mild jello" by comparison

    the wobble is simply due to the fact that signal processing algorithms can only do so much when you don't have additional information from outside the frame boundary (like your camera does when you are filming)
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