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Thread: New music video in hd

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    Default New music video in hd

    Hi guys, I made this video. I written and recorded the music with my piano. Hope you like it

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    Hi Mark and welcome to the forum.

    I think you have chosen the clips well to complement your music and edited them together well also. Unfortunately this is not so apparent early on, by which time many will have stopped watching. But from the point the music pauses and we have the guy jumping off the roof it works very well.

    There are some areas for improvement.
    HD is generally widescreen and you've uploaded as 4x3 - much (all?) of the footage appears to be widescreen squeezed into 4x3 - I think you need to look at the technical processes you're going through to sort that out.
    You have posted an HD video - but if the source material is not HD (and it clearly isn't, or you've managed to mangle it in some way) then the result is not HD. This doesn't matter - unless you're saying it's HD!
    Are all the clips you are using public domain? Or do you have permission to use them? Persoally i'm not worried about this frm the point of view of an educational exercise, but you need to be aware that you cannot legally just take someone else's footage and put it into your video without permission.
    And please get your piano tuned

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    Your music is great - why did you bother making a video? It looks like you found a bunch of random clips and stuck them together - in some cases it worked out ok as Tim pointed out

    if you really want to make a video, and we can't talk you out of it, you should try to tell a story

    its very interesting because you have some nice music and you slapped some stock footage on it to make a video - the usual process is to make a nice video and slap some random (ill suited) music on it - so you are a breath of fresh air in the sense that Medvedev was a nice change from Putin

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    Not withstanding the copyright issue for the video, I was expecting a composer would change the music with each clip - to my untrained ear it was the same tune/notes throughout.

    Not sure about tuning the piano, as it seems to me there is a distinct lack of low frequency present - can you say how it was recorded?
    Ideally when the screen shows a small interior, it help to include some room-reverberation, whereas aerial-shots are in free-space so there is none, although when flying over the city you can adjust the tone and maybe add some "wind/flying foley" - to give the illusion it's real....
    The music didn't appear ( to me! ) to match the relatively slow/graceful moves of the dancers, but, hey ho! I couldn't do this well.

    Good try.

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