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Thread: CoD Zombies Cinematic AMV style

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    Default CoD Zombies Cinematic AMV style

    This is something i worked on that took quite a few hours of editing in vegas pro. I made this a few months ago after i felt that i had learned how to use vegas well enough. I tried making this as much like an AMV (Anime Music Video) as i could, as those always fascinate me and i had never seen a game cinematic like them before. The quality is a tad cappy in some areas, for which i apologize. I put a ton of work into this video and am very proud of it. Any feedback is welcome! Thanks!

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    I think the effects were fine and surely meant lots of work. The visuals were appropriately fitted to the music but much too random for my taste. The video didn't tell me any story and was mainly a staccato of cuts.

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    I'm sure a gamer would find this more interesting than I did but I appreciate the amount of work you put into this. It was all a bit too flash bang for my personal taste but I guess that's what it was meant to be.

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