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Thread: Using lights outdoor

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    Default Using lights outdoor

    Hey guys,

    I got 2 filming lights from a friend to record some outdoor footage, on an abandoned warehouse, and we've no power there, and I'm wondering how can I plug the lights.

    Are there any power generator that I can rent for low price? Or anyway to get power from a car battery or something (since we're bringing 2 cars to the recording place).

    Thanks a lot.

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    Not sure about there in Portugal, but here we can rent any sort of generators...including some silent ones for filming. On the battery front, you may need an inverter with enough output power for your lights... If its LED, batteries will work fine. Here is an add in portuguese, but its in Brazil.

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    If all else fails you could always try using the car head lights.

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    Not sure I understand - OP says "Outdoor filming" and then mentions lights for a Warehouse, so I presume this is inside the building.
    Perhaps you mean Location filming where there is no mains supply - although the warehouse must have power nearby . . . . you might be able to get the Elec Co to temporary-rig some lights, if you provide them with a "Let there be light" video, about the Elec Co getting Businesses moving, etc. = A PR stunt.

    Equally you might get some funding/assistance with an industrial sales Agent, or Auction house, etc.

    = This might provide some additional chargeable work =

    LED lights are normally low-voltage, but then Manufacturers build-in a mains power supply, so the Unit need mains supply to work.
    - As others suggest you can use an Inverter from a DC supply to provide the mains voltage, but while this is wasting some power it may be impossible to overcome. If the lights are Filament, then you need to over-spec the generator to allow for the current surge when switching ON. A Tungsten lamp takes ~ 10x the running current, when switched ON.
    Switching lamps on one-at-a-time should help.

    You don't give any info as to the type of shot you plan - if you are trying to light a large interior then hope the sun comes out - however, for close-ups of actors you may be able to close-light and-or use mirrors to gain some sunlight - taken from outside - you'd be surprised what a smart Crew can achieve.
    Finally, for action shots you may have to resort to green-screen, using still photos for the different angles, but that means some careful shooting and Editing to preserve the appearance.

    Hope that helps.

    Good luck....
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    In Canada you would go to the Rona building store and rent some construction lights and a gas generator - I'd get four 500w halogens and a 3500 watt Honda if you can get it

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