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    Hi Everyone, can anyone recommend a software for me to use which is quite simple, i have a Panasonic hdc sd9 camcorder and use sdhc cards in it, i use cyber director but when i upload my video's to you tube they are very wide, i also have trouble getting them onto a disc, or playing the disc in a dvd player, just wonder if anyone else has had these types of problems, i do not mind admitting im not technically minded, so if someone could explain in simple terms i would appreciate it. ohh by the way, i see avchd when im doing anything with the camcorder. its a mind field for me.

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    What rendering settings are you using when you render. You probably need to do different ones for DVD than the YouTube ones. DVDs only use mpeg2 format which is not HD but I presume you would want HD for YouTube uploads. Can you point us to an example of what you mean by "they are very wide".

    Does power director have different rendering templates you can use.

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