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    Hey everyone, thanks again for taking the time to check out my video. I have finally cleared some free time and I am back at editing my many hours of video from thailand. I received some great feedback last time around and was wanting to post a short clip of what I have been working on. I know this is not long enough to count as a full video. Rather, this is a test to see if my cuts and edits are sharper, if this video actually shows a story developing and is more pleasing to the eye than my last video. Once again, this is only a test to see if I am on the right track as I never get any honest feedback from friends and family.


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    This test does have a narrative that can be followed. Is that what you are aiming at ?

    I think you have the makings of a very nice video.

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    Ok, it´s a test...but you can reduce it to 10%, as all shots are too similar. Sunset, water, girl, water, sunset, boat, girl, water, sunset.... Beautiful shots for sure.

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    Nice video

    I think if you turn off YouTube stabilization the sky won't flow so much - personally I prefer jitters

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