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Thread: How do i do this effect ?

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    Default How do i do this effect ?

    Hello. I am new to the forums, well to video editing as well actually, and i would like to know how to do the effect as in this video: , the effect at 0:23, the same guy does the same thing 3 times. I was thinking if i use the same part of the video 3 times and just like make it delay 1 sec for the second and 2 secs for the third video. But when i tried to play to video tracks in a same time in Sony Vegas it was only playing one. I played with the transparency and that helped a bit, but it is not what I was going for. So any of the more experience video editors can help me out here ? Thanks in advance.

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    You've basically got the right idea, except you need to be able to eliminate the background so that only the subject shows through. You could try to do this with a technique known as difference masking,or you could do it by carefully masking around the subject in each frame (known as rotoscoping).

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