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Thread: I hate compressing!

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    Angry I hate compressing!

    OK, here is the situation...
    I am producing 30 minute TV programs to air from a broadcast station.
    When I am done editing the resulting .mov file is approx. 5GB, way to big to transfer online as it would have to transfer to the station and then again to the uplink.
    I am compressing it down to less than 1GB in MPG4 format using H264 as was requested by the station.
    I am using MPEG Streamclip to compress but it takes WAY TOO LONG (over 24hours) to do this!

    What is a better way to accomplish this?
    I know that when you compress you lose image quality but with the software MPEG Streamclip it seems to retain it fairly well.

    Is there any other way around all this?

    I need to fix this issue ASAP!


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    I suspect Streamclip contains many options and that some can make immense changes to the required rendering time. For example, if the video is being resized, or requires a different frame rate, or require more than one pass (when choosing data variable rate), or possibly any required conversion between interlaced and progressive.

    Interesting that they stipulate 30 mins = 1 GB. is this because they want the data rate to be around 4.4 Mbps?
    The rendering time is also, of course, related to the power of the computer. Lots of RAM and separate physical disks for the input and output files. And lots of CPU to get things going!

    Best of luck. I hope you find a suitable solution.

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    Hi Tim, Thanks for the feedback.

    They actually want the data rate to be 25Mbps but that would be the original file size if not more (according to the software I'm using).

    I currently am using:
    2.8GHz Intel Core i7
    4GB 1067MHz DDR3 RAM
    Mac OS X

    I didn't take into account of the separate physical disks. I could have made that happen. I'll have to try that next time.
    Even though I did set it for multiple passes I didn't think that would be a huge issue considering the file sizes. Reducing 5GB down to less than 1GB.

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    Why not just send them a USB stick via postal?

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    i hate it too. it is time cosuming.

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    And all this compressing and uploading isn't?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXLRay View Post
    And all this compressing and uploading isn't?
    marie4u must refer to what's in the heading.

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    I see - thought it referred to my post.

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