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    How can you select everything (all tracks) from the right of the curser ?

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    Online Help (F1) is your friend.

    Right-click an event and choose Select Events to End from the shortcut menu. The event and all subsequent events on the same track are selected.
    You can also use this command with events selected on multiple tracks.
    Hold the Ctrl key and click the first events right from the cursor on the tracks you want to select.

    There are other ways to do it, e.g. Selection tool.

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    Thanks for that, it works great. I read somewhere that you can select "everything" from the right hand side of the curser with a shortcut key i.e. one click does all. I often want to shift everything along in the timeline so I can insert clips, text and graphics.

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    There are also scripts that allows you to do it with a couple of clicks (eg. this one, however is not free)

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    Auto Ripple with its options helps, when you need to drop a media file or generator in timeline and automatically move downstream events to make space for the new event.
    The OP has Movie Studio Platinum 12, so no scripts, some extensions work.
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