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    I'm looking for a way to create a video and photo montage. I want a "messy" arrangement (not a tidy grid layout) where images and video clips fade in, and fade out and/or get overlaid with new ones. Exactly how this would look is flexible, but that's roughly what I'm after. All the media is held in local files (jpg and mp4 files, although the latter could be converted to avi).

    I assume I can do this sort of thing with a video editor, with all the media on timelines, but I've found nothing that handles concurrent video clips, or with the sort of positioning I want.

    Any suggestions? And I'd like this to run on Linux if at all possible - I rarely use Windows.


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    you can do this in Adobe Premiere Pro and so I assume you can do this in Final Cut pro and Sony Vegas as well

    in premiere pro you can put all your artifacts on different tracks at different points on the timeline and have them occupy any part of the frame you are interested in (simultaneously as well)

    you may have to learn about mattes along the way but probably not based on your request

    I would even imagine that you can do it in the entry level versions of these products (so you dont have to spend too much money)

    I don't think you can do it in Windows Movie Maker or in iMovie

    Now which of the above products run on Linux is anybody's guess


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    Movie-Studio should do that, being able to incorporate both stills and movie clips, in addition you can choose suitable transitions. You could use Picture-in-picture as well, but such gimmicks become tiresome IMHO, whereas gentle transitions are easier on the eye.
    For an Amazon price about 30 for v12 Production Suite you'll have a very capable software on a modest Windows PC. Sorry about the Linux angle.
    In the past I've used a Compur-Shutter "sound" whenever the stills arrive. This can be incorporate quite easily.
    With "Production Suite" you get Sound Forge which is very useful for tweaking audio clips - and making SFX
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    In Linux you can use openshot.

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