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Thread: How can i do this?

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    Default How can i do this?

    Hi everyone im new at this forum, Iv'e been using vegas since about 6 years ago but I want to try new things. I want to make a video almost exactly the same as the one im posting ( please do not laugh or anyting) m the effects and animations, can I do this with Vegas? if so, can you help me with some guides or something i would really appreciate it.

    Thanks to averyone and good luck.

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    I think something similar should be possible at least with a lot of manual work.

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    Vegas isn't really set up to make motion graphics like After Effects can (which is what was used in your example). Like Ray has said, technically it could be done but it would be a lot of work. I can't imagine how fiddly it would be to put the little wobble on the beginning and end of each turn, twist etc.

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    MB is correct

    This isn't the sort of thing that your editor (Vegas, PPro or FCP) was designed for

    After Effects is a great tool but you should plan on a steep learning curve to accomplish what you are trying to do



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