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Thread: Travel Clinic at a pharmacy in Harrow!

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    Default Travel Clinic at a pharmacy in Harrow!

    I used two cameras for this interview: Sony NX5E as the main, and Sony CX740E for close-up! The close-up camera, five times less expensive than the main camera, seems to perform better I have also noted this in other shoots!

    Is there something wrong with NX5E or this is me being critical because of my higher expectations of a camera that is more pricey?

    What is the overall quality of the video?

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    If you do a test by swapping the cameras around and do the close ups with the both cameras and the long shots with both cameras. You might then see the "weakness" of the CX740E. Unless you are spending considerably more on a lens than the value of both cameras put together you will always seemingly get a better result from the close up camera.

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    Hi Husain,
    You're clearly disappointed with your NX5E so I suggest you donate it to a worthy cause (me!). I like these little local videos of yours. A couple of comments:
    1. Either get a second mic on your own voice or dub the questions after the interview - the interviewee sound was great but your audio let the production down.
    2. Easy to spot afterwards - a couple of times I was distracted by movement in the top left of the image. These were reflections of passing traffic in the framed certificate!

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    Just a small, but vital, point...

    You are crossing the line!

    This is the cardinal sin in interviewing. The interviewee is looking to screen left in the medium shots and to screen right in the close-ups. Having both cameras on the same side of the interviewer will avoid this in the future.

    Otherwise, read what Tim has written, get another mic and keep up the good work. Nice to see local videomaking and internet TV in action.

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    Many thanks both! A like NX5E but did it perform okay on this instance!

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    Thanks, bigmanjoe! But I was on auto focus or should I do manual focus in such situations (would the focus be locked?)

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