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    Default Editing CoD - Opinions pls

    Hello all,

    I am 17 years and i want be a Motion Designer more late ! So, i've started use After Effects for know how this programs work.
    And for this, I edited various clips on the serie : Call of Duty.
    Please leave your opinions for this edit, it's just my seconde edit !

    Description : Realised in 3 days, and this time i've only used After Effects.
    Leave your opinions, your advices, ect... for I upgrade on my next edit !
    I hope you like this edit !

    If you want look my first edit for see the eventual progress !

    Thanks a lot !

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    I do not know that game, so I am unsure what editing was done. Whilst it shows that AE could be used standalone to do the complete production, most (or all) of what I can see in this clip might be just as easily done in Premiere or Vegas. Of course, AE comes with lots of FXs; but its principle power comes from, e.g. its ability to a track's effects parameters with effects on other layers.
    As an exercise, it is ok; but there is an elements of having dug a hole using a spoon instead of a shovel.
    I realise that there games tend to have jerky graphics. I find these short, abrupt and irregular movements in the camera position unsettling. What framerate was the footage captured at? And how might you use AE to smooth the movement?

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    Unless my monitor is out of spec. the color needs adjusting. As in it's too washed out and the sand is too bright (or over saturated). And I second the above that it could have been smoothed a bit.

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    Looks like the whites are blown out for me. I tend(ed) to increase the gamma value for gaming such that I have better sight in the darks. Maybe that's the mistake here. Content-wise it wasn't more than scope, boom, scope, boom, ... for me but I saw some nice transitions.

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